Ocala Ray I

A bit over a year I did photoshoot for @ocalaray. The vinyl is out and it has plenty of my photos.

I decided to go with alternative processes on the shoot to suit the bands music and style. I mostly used lith printing in the process. The vinyl album main spread instrument shot was done on 5×7″ large format on direct positive paper developed in coffee. If you want to see it, check the bands account – or .. buy the record!

For me personally this was very confortable way of working but a really far stretch and I painfully acknowledged the risks during the process. Thanks to amazing @g_lohner for keeping up the spirit and easing me not to loose my nerves. We nailed all the shots which is a miracle now thinking about it. There was some magic dust in the air for sure!

This shot was done on RB67 on 120 film and it is enlarged lith print on Foma paper. Full frame print of course 😉

More prints coming up from the shoots..

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